...thank you for all your support!

"Keep It Wrigley" Shutting Down

It was an exciting year with many twists and turns, up's and down's - both with the impending sale of the Cubs/Wrigley Field and our team on the field.

With respect to the sale of Wrigley and the Wrigley name, it appears that, for now, things have been left in place. We can still look forward to the Cubs playing at "Wrigley". Although nothing is assured and we certainly will never know if we had ANY impact, it does seem as though and MANY other individuals and groups that stood up and made their voices heard DID have some impact. As of today, we can still officially call it "Wrigley Field"!

Thank you to every one of you who joined the ranks of, signed our petition, joined forces with some other group, or just simply spoke up.

As we originally stated when starting, it was always intended to be a one year operation. So, with great sadness, will close at the end of 2008. This doesn't mean that any of us should stop voicing our opinion that "Wrigley Field" should remain "Wrigley Field" - ALWAYS and FOREVER. It just means that the formal organization of will be dissolved.

Again, thank you - and "Keep It Wrigley"!